About Us


Hand crafted cheese and yoghurt.

Nestled in the heart of the Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal, on a quaint estate, The Gourmet Greek specialises in crafting and offering a distinctive selection of cheeses and luxuriously thick, traditionally strained Greek yogurt.

Established as a family business in 2012, we have consistently produced exceptional cheeses and yogurt with unwavering passion. Our cheeses are meticulously handcrafted and pasteurized to meet the highest standards, using locally sourced full cream milk from neighboring dairy farmers. Each delectable mouthful of our cheese and yogurt promises an exquisite taste experience.

Our Vision

To share our passion for good food and see a greater enjoyment of all artisan products through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production.

Our Mission

To create great tasting authentic products using local, real ingredients with a commitment to delighting our customers.

Our Values






Committed to sustainability.

The Farm

Our agricultural practices are rooted in responsible stewardship. We are committed to nurturing our livestock with compassion and mindfulness, ensuring our methods honor the natural world.

Our efforts are consistently directed towards reducing the employment of detrimental pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and chemicals. Instead, we concentrate on revitalizing the soil’s fertility, enhancing the variety of life within our ecosystems, and fortifying our resilience against the vicissitudes of climate change.

The Milk

Do the cows graze on pasture? Absolutely, our cows are exclusively pasture-fed, and we wouldn’t consider any other method. This natural approach is cornerstone of our farming philosophy.

Which breeds of cows do your farmers milk? Our farmers primarily milk Jersey cows, renowned for yielding the most nutrient-rich milk among dairy breeds. Originating from the Island of Jersey in the English Channel, these smaller-sized cows produce milk with high butterfat content, resulting in a creamier and, as many believe, tastier milk. Additionally, our herds include some Holstein cows.

Are the cows content? We believe they are! Our farmers maintain a hands-on approach, fostering a deep familiarity with each cow. They are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that promotes the cows’ comfort and well-being. Grazing in the idyllic climate of the Midlands, the cows enjoy a life of tranquility, which we feel contributes to their happiness—and a happy cow indeed produces more milk.

Is antibiotic treatment used for the cows, and does your milk contain antibiotics? Similar to how we care for ourselves and our loved ones, our farmers will administer antibiotics to the cows when necessary, using medications akin to those prescribed to humans. However, any milk from cows undergoing antibiotic treatment is discarded. We rigorously test our milk to ensure it’s free of antibiotics, and the cheese-making process itself would be ineffective if antibiotics were present. Thus, you can be assured our milk is antibiotic-free.

Are calves separated from their mothers? After birth, calves spend several hours with their mothers, as they are quick to become mobile. Subsequently, they are moved to individual pens adjacent to their peers, safeguarding them from potential hazards. This practice avoids the development of a strong maternal bond, which could result in greater distress if separation occurs later. The individual pens allow us to closely monitor the calves’ health, ensuring they receive proper nutrition and care. After about 45 to 60 days, they transition to communal pens with calves of similar age, allowing for social interaction and development.


Renewable Energy

Our farm is equipped with a comprehensive solar energy system, featuring 210 solar panels each with a capacity of 450 watts, ensuring our operations are eco-friendly. A reliable battery backup system is in place to seamlessly navigate through power outages without any inconvenience. Presently, we generate approximately half of our yearly energy requirements through this sustainable approach.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Embracing the ethos of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,’ we are dedicated to diminishing our environmental impact. Every decision we make is weighed with our ecological footprint in mind. Our commitment extends to running an extensive recycling initiative and choosing to collaborate with suppliers who share our dedication to sustainability. We strive to find new life for everything on our farm, from whey to machinery, repurposing materials whenever feasible.

Premium Produce

From its inception, The Gourmet Greek has been distinguished for excellence, clinching the Eat Out Food Network Produce Award in its debut year, 2013. This accolade was a testament to the brand’s innovation, ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and fervent passion. The journey of accolades didn’t stop there; the company has consistently garnered numerous awards for its yoghurt and cheeses, reflecting its commitment to continual enhancement with each passing year.

Community Centred

At The Gourmet Greek, we define true sustainability as the creation of thriving communities. We hold the conviction that agriculture should yield economic advantages for the local populace. Consider this: for every R100 spent in support of a local enterprise, R68 remains within the community. In contrast, a mere R43 stays local when the same amount is expended at a chain establishment.

The Gourmet Greek provides employment for 30 dedicated staff members. Opting to patronize local businesses ensures that a substantial portion of your expenditure contributes directly to the community’s economic vitality.