cheese cakes

What is a Cheese Cake?

No, it’s not the cheese cake you order at the coffee shop.

It’s made up of several cheeses placed one above the other in the same way that a traditional wedding cake is arranged.

Why a Cheese Cake?

If you’re tired of the usual chocolate, marzipan, icing, or fruit cake and you’re in the mood for something different, something unique, then a cheese cake is for you! If you love cheese but love chocolate as well you could have a chocolate or fruit cake with a selection of cheeses displayed as a traditional cheese board. It’s your day, it should be the way you want it!


How do I assemble the cake?

There are two methods: The easiest and most popular method ‘the American style’. Simply stack cheeses on top of each other with a circle of cardboard or grease-proof paper between each.

The other method involves separating the cheeses with stands, traditional wedding cake stands, glass separators, boards, pillars, etc. The great part with stands is the height of the cheese wedding cake gives spacious gaps to be filled with decorations and flowers. We can give you dimensions for each tier which will help when you are sourcing these.

How much cheese do I need?

We recommend +-100g of cheese per person, for example, if you have 50 guests you will need a 5kg cake!  You could have slightly less depending on the accompaniments you have available.

What happens to the cheese after the wedding?

We recommend what is left over is packed up and taken home but don’t forget to get it back in the fridge quickly.

How much do cheese cakes cost?

The final price will be dependent on what cheeses you choose and the weight and shape of the cheeses. We would budget on a maximum of about R 200.00 per kilogram of cheese but will likely be less.

You pay for your cake when you place your order or at least two weeks beforehand.

Who decorates the cake?

This is your day and you should have all the say on how your cake is decorated. If you don’t think you have an eye for it ask your organizer, your florist, caterer, family or friends to arrange the décor for you.

Basically find someone artistic and draw out the beauty! Fresh fruit, foliage, cherry tomatoes, green/purple grapes/cherries,flowers, ribbons, raffia and even some figurines all lead to a stunningly decorated cake.

Don’t worry about the flower or leaf stems touching the cheese, wrap them with a little clingwrap.

But remember it’s your preference that matters.

How far in advance do I need to order?

A minimum of 6 weeks is usually required. You can order later but to avoid disappointment, we recommend you place your order as early as possible. We want to reserve your cheese and ensure they are in flawless condition for the big day! Even if your wedding is just around the corner do give us a call we might just have what you need available!

How long should the cheeses be at room-temperature?

We recommend the cheeses are only left out at room temperature for a maximum of four hours. Do not place the cheese cake in sunlight or next to any hot surface. We also suggest covering the cheeses with a damp cloth to stop them from drying out. Do make sure that they are at room temperature when eaten!

Do you arrange tastings?

Sure we do! And it’s easy enough to do, simply make an appointment and visit the factory! We will make sure that you  know exactly what you are getting before you order your cheese cake!

When can I pick up my cheeses?

Anytime, we suggest a couple of days before the wedding as you don’t need any more stress before the big day!