The Gourmet Greek takes pride in producing this yoghurt the way it was meant to be made, with no added starch that many commercial brands use to get that thick sought-after smooth texture. We use predominantly Jerseys milk because they are known to produce the richest milk of all dairy breeds which has a distinct creamy flavour.

  • Double Cream
  • Low Fat
  • With Fruit


• Concentrated nutrition,
• A real superfood
• Made according it the traditional Greek method.


• It provides 20-25 grams of protein per cup!                                                                       • Free from added sugars.
• Free from artificial sweeteners.
• Only milk and cultures
• Milk from grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free Jersey Cows!


• A thick, extra creamy texture.
• Over x3 more protein than regular yoghurt because of the unique straining process.


The Gourmet Greek Labneh, a culinary delight crafted with traditional expertise and modern flavour, delivering a taste of Mediterranean perfection.

Available in Plain, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Chilli & Paprika flavours.


Savor the richness of tradition with every bite of our Gourmet Greek butter, crafted with the finest ingredients and timeless recipes


Gourmet Greek milk is only available for local cafes and restaurants.