Hard Cheese

Young Chedder

The Gourmet Greek cheddar is hard cheese, mellow in character with a firm texture.  Our cheddar is matured for 8 months to give it a distinct rich and full flavour. 

Smoked Cheddar

Infused with the rich essence of natural smoke, each bite offers a tantalizing symphony of savory notes, sure to tantalize your taste buds. Perfect for adding depth to your favorite dishes or enjoying on its own, our Smoked Cheddar is a true delicacy for cheese connoisseurs.

Mature Cheddar

Matured for 8 months, a from bodied cheese. Slightly silky against the tongue, a rich and full with refreshing zing of acidity. 

Young Gouda

The Gourmet Greek Gouda is matured for 5 months to ensure that it is smooth, creamy and utterly delicious!

We produce Gouda which is flavored in Cumin, Mustard Seeds and Regular.

Mature Gouda

A semi-hard cheese matured for 6 months. A rich creamy flavour and smooth texture.

Available in Regular, Cumin and Mustard flavours.

Flavoured Gouda

Available in Regular, Cumin and Mustard flavours.


Matured for 8 months, a firm cheese with a bite.

The Gourmet Greek Peccorino is of a fresher variety (“fresco”), softer and milder with a milkier flavor.  

Village Cheese

Matured for 8 months with a natural rind. Simple, savoury, nutty flavours similar to young Parmesan with a smooth finish.

Parmesan Cheese

An Italian hard, granular cheese, matured for 10 months. A hard gritty texture with a fruity and nutty flavour. A strong flavour that goes a long way.