Soft & Fresh Cheese


A white mold cheese named after the French region.

The Gourmet Greek Brie is handcrafted, rich and creamy with a delicious subtle nutty flavor which becomes more apparent as the cheese matures.


Rich, creamy with a delicious subtle mushroom and grassy flavour. Camembert has a furry white rind and has a creamy, pale interior which becomes increasingly yellow as the cheese matures. 

Soft Spreadable 

Soft spreadable cheese is a fresh textured cream cheese, flavored with herbs and spices. It is smooth and creamy, yet slightly crumbly. Silky but slightly dry.

Available in Chili & Garlic, Mixed Herbs & Garlic, Black Pepper!


Ours is not your typical South African store bought Feta, it has smooth and creamy texture, slightly salty with aromas of butter and yoghurt.

We also provide you with different flavored Feta cheese! Ranging from origanum, black pepper and olive oil!


Traditionally prepared from sheep’s milk on the island of Cyprus. The Gourmet Greek Halloumi is prepared with cow’s milk and is a firm, slightly springy white cheese which is delicious and uniquely grillable cheese.

Our flavours include Mint, Chilli, Garlic and Smoked! 


Ricotta is an Italian whey cheese. A light spongy, creamy and glorious fresh cheese.


Mild, refreshing  and supple, this Mozzarella gets its flavours from Jersey cow milk. It has a  springy and dense consistency with a light and barely discernible aroma of wholesome cream, making it a flavour among audiences with delicate palates.

Cream Cheese

Proving popular with Chefs, this mild, fresh-tasting is sweet and has a pleasing slight tang.